Working seminar

Complex Geometry group, Bonn

Summer semester 2023

Fridays, 16:00 - 18:00 in April / May / June / July 2023

Math. Institute (Endenicher Allee 60), room 0.011 

The first part of the seminar is devoted to Lagrangian fibrations on Hyperkahler manifolds and their Brauer twists (#twist-seminar-2023), and the rest of the seminar will be talks on preprints / work in progress by the group members. Everyone is welcome to attend.

14.04: Jiexiang Huang, Xianyu Hu, Daniel Huybrechts: Eliptic K3s, moduli spaces, Brauer classes, proof of the Ogg-Shafarevich isomorphism; twisted Hodge structures

21.04: Dominique Mattei: Moduli spaces of sheaves on K3s with focus on Beauville-Mukai systems, i.e. relative compactified Jacobians of complete linear systems on K3s, including Arinkin's work on compactified Jacobians

28.04: Yoon-Joo Kim: Overview of Lagrangian fibrations on HK varieties (Matsushita's conjecture, examples), versions of duality of Lagrangian fibrations (following Sawon, Kim), what can be these fibrations twisted by (following Sawon)

5.05: Kuan-Wen Lai, Evgeny Shinder: Shafarevich-Tate theory for Lagrangian fibrations (following Abasheva-Rogov and Markman

12.05: Yagna Dutta, Dominique Mattei, Evgeny Shinder: Prym-fibrations, OG10 and its twists (following Laza-Sacca-Voisin, Voisin, Sacca)

19.05: Gebhard Martin, Giacomo Mezzedimi, Kuan-Wen Lai: Formal Brauer groups, K3 and HK in char. p

26.05: Yoon-Joo Kim & the team: Hodge numbers of O'Grady 10, following de Cataldo, Rapagnetta and Sacca 

2.06: no seminar 

9.06: Nick Addington, Evgeny Shinder & the team: Derived equivalence of twisted Lagrangian fibrations, following Sawon 2004, Sawon 2008, Addington-Donovan-Meachan

16.06: no seminar

23.06: Rui-Jie Yang: Hodge theory and Lagrangian fibrations, following Schnell

30.06: no seminar (Sheffield workshop)

7.07: Olivia Dumitrescu, Daniel Huybrechts, Yoon-Joo Kim, Giacomo Mezzedimi

30 minutes recent research or work-in-progress talks

14.07: Celine Fietz, Moritz Hartlieb, Mauro Varesco, Reinder Meinsma

30 minutes recent research or work in progress talks

End of semester celebration